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Master planning, Landscape Design, Integrated Architecture and Interior Design

Long Bay, Cambodia/Online

Long Bay THRIVE villas is a luxurious residential community within the LONG BAY tropical resort located amidst tropical mangroves, blue seas, powder sand beaches

Villa I landscape is inspired by the ancient Khmer traditions. The ancient culture used water in landscape as a tool for reflection, meditation, relaxation, as well as for practical reasons of navigation.


Connecting modern luxury with ancient Cambodian design traditions

The design of the villas features elements inspired by traditional Cambodian architecture where the harmony between man and nature was essential.  Following these principles we have created truly luxurious environments alike the ones appreciated by the ancient Cambodian aristocracy.

Parasol Shading - The shading structures not provide protection from rain and sun while creating the dramatic visual relief that characterizes Khmer architecture.

Plant, wood screens and masonry walls -Just like  In traditional South-east Asian architecture, the masterful and aesthetically pleasing use of shadow and light, and use of natural materials has always had an important place, thrive villas are great examples of honoring the long-respected technique.


Monumental materials - The gravel restores the historical texture of the architecture of Angkor Wat, allowing the inhabitants to have a fantastical feeling of passing through another epoch while different stones give each villa a unique mark and connect the architecture to the landscape.


Reflection and swimming pools - Water is the most important element of Angkor architecture. The clever use of water and reflection pool brought people closer to the ethereal divinity, the pools are offering peaceful moments of relaxation as well as opportunities for celebrating life with your friends. 


Transparent surfaces - The collaborative use of glass and differnet types of shades, the residents will be provided with the feeling of open space, freedom and privacy at the same time.


Your personal oasis

Long Bay THRIVE villas is a luxurious residential community within the Long Bay tropical resort located amidst  mangroves, blue seas, powder sand beaches and is developed as part of the larger Koh Kong Province regional development project that will be South East Asia's most significant business, innovation and entertainment center. This all brings together ambitious and creative internationals and create a truly thriving culture within and around the resort.

The resort integrates a lush and varied landscape throughout and features a central paradise garden at the heart of the development that includes fountains, pools, in-pool bar, lounging areas, and terraces for sunbathing. Between courtyard Villas, Intimately scaled garden offer residents spots to read, converse, and commune with the tropical atmosphere. 

Villa One provides homes for people who value inspiration, luxury, wellness, and connection. These values are fulfilled by both the design of the villas and equally the planning of the Villa resort landscape that offers plenty of space for people to celebrate their talents and unique stories.

Tropical Leaves
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Reflection of Palm Trees
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A villa that to suits your unique personality

Long Bay Villa 1 features 3 different types of residences:

Single villas, Courtyard Villas and Duplex villas that you can explore in-detail while taking our online sales tour.

The Courtyard villas (100-120m2) are located at the center of the site. With a great view to the central landscaped courtyard axis these villas are perfect for those who value socializing.

The Duplex Villas (100-200m2) are located on the Eastern side of the parcel, the Duplex villas are adjacent to the recently completed retail boulevard.

The Single Villas (200-300m2) are located on the Western side of the parcel, the Garden Villas are adjacent to the casino and waterpark, with great views of the field gardens and canals, ideal for enjoying the quiet natural environments and maximum privacy


An environment to relax, create, celebrate and connect

The villa interiors blend together modern and ancient tradition design elements, using reflections, shading, and contrasts between materials and colors. Serving both as homes and potential rental properties, the villas offer plenty of space to relax as well as celebrate meaningful moments and connections with your guests.

  • Spacious living room

  • Dining Room

  • Kitchen 

  • Multiple Bedrooms

  • Guestrooms

  • Balconies

  • Terraces

  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Garden

  • Easy connection to Long Bay Resort amenities


talking about the thrive app

Energized by newest technologies

In the era of digitalization Thrive villas prioritize high quality connectivity not only with the outside world and resort but also with oneself. 

In addition to offering high-speed internet, in-app resort services, such as social, entertainment, delivery, technical support, maintenance, and much more, the villas feature smart security systems, digital canvases, app-based home maintenance, ahead of 21st century standards.



Explore the 3 different types of villas and try out different interior design options. Experience the lush neighborhood, its activities and vibe and meet other visitors from around the world in real-time.


Your metaverse home

Long Bay thrive villas will not only exist in real life but also in metaverse featuring enhanced functions, helping every property owner to showcase their personality, likes, aesthetics, latest art discoveries, and much more. 

The Long Bay metaverse brings together a global community of talents and experts valuing inspiring conversations, diverse networking opportunities alongside worshipping iconic design, nature and world's heritage.

The Virtual Sales Tour allows you to explore the real estate offerings at Long Bay Thrive Villas and metaverse with your team and key members of the sales team conveniently on your device. Sample designs, get consultancy, view floor plans and make purchases.

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