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Integrated Master planning, Landscape Design, Architecture

Long Bay, Cambodia/Online

Thrive Center is a unique multi - building development inspired by Greek Acropolis and its role in the development of a rich culture. 

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Where opportunities collide

Thrive Center is a unique multi - building development inspired by Greek Acropolis and its role in the development of a rich culture.  Just like the ancient icon, Thrive Center is located on elevated landscape and involves luxurious social, executive, wellness, and entertainment spaces that will form a cultural oasis and meeting point overviewing a pitoresque landscape of Long Bay.

Thrive Center brings knowledge and opportunities from world to Cambodia, connecting Cambodian institutions, associations and communities to world’s larger stage, by providing them a place, programs, platforms, and networks that help them thrive locally and abroad.


The taste of high - culture 

The Thrive Center' s planned location on top of the hill creates a great number of advantages that its habitants and visitors can enjoy.

The Center features 4 types of gardens: Envision garden that brings in works of art by international artists and is here to inspire, Rejuvenation garden providing a zen natural environment, Explore garden that takes visitors outside of the area, and Enrich garden offering luxurious and natural atmosphere.

Designed landscape trail for pedestrians makes a nice environment for walks and having inspiring conversations away from the lively center. The paths connect all the amenities of the Thrive village and make it easy to get around.

The Green trail is preserved natural for explorers to enjoy nature & the terrace of Thrive Center while the Exterior amphitheater area is suited  for shows nd outdoor activities.

The Thrive Center is surrounded by a golf course that is easily accessible for  villa owners and visitors.

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Large Lawn
Image by Michael
Swimming Pool

Portal to the world

The Thrive Center is inspired by the idea of a portal that channels great art, culture and ideas out to the world - which, is one of the the main purposes of the development.

The condos feature materials that blend with the natural colors of the sky and great sunset views.


A building that expresses its emotions

Thrive Center offers a wide range of opportunities for artists from around the world to showcase their art, meet new people and sell NFTs. The building features digital canvases, holographic spaces, IoT remote - controllable and sensory environments that allow the building itself become a canvas for unique experiences and take new shapes every day.



Explore the 3 different types of villas and try out different interior design options. Experience the lush neighborhood, its activities and vibe and meet other visitors from around the world in real-time.


Online oasis of creativity

Thrive Portal is the metaverse meeting place for artists, creatives and culture lovers from all around the world. The multidisciplinary venue features exhibition and concert halls, learning rooms, meeting spaces, virtual coffeeshops and lounges, and much more. Attend inspiring performances, talks, courses and workshops, NFT art exhibitions, and unique creative worlds built in collaboration of artists and innovators of various disciplines.

The main purpose of Thrive Portal is to launch new innovative projects to the world. By bringing together industry specialists and top creative talents it helps to create new business relationships and keep the global audiences inspired on a daily basis.

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