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Master planning

Tianjing, China

In the center of Tianjin’s new Eco City is the Serenity Cove residential Complex.  The project consists of 160 apartment units, 154 semi detached units, and 30 villas - altogether 883,000 SF of new construction on 31 acres.  


Rejuvenating the nature

Because the soil was highly salinated and polluted with industrial waste we had to create an innovative soil reclamation strategy that would allow us to populate the community with a rich variety of vegetation and wildlife. 

The Serenity Cove design encourages community interaction through the experience of nature within and around the built environment.  Through careful landscape and architectural design coupled with diligent civil engineering, the project healed a damaged site and created a multifaceted place for exploration, contemplation, congregation, and growth.

The landscape of Serenity Cove creates a peaceful atmosphere that celebrates the elements of nature and encourages people to connect with the environment.

The plant life blends into the urban architecture both in public and private areas reminding both visitors and inhabitants the local values.

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