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Master Planning, Architecture

ChengDu, China


LYNX is an urban masterplan design concept that covers the Yin Hui Road Station along line 7 and the surrounding areas. The design is based on TOD model - public transportation-oriented development model  that suggests rejecting cars and makes choosing environmental and health friendly ways  of navigating easy thanks to its efficient transportation system and urban areas planning.

 Taking its source inspiration from the animal that in many mythologies is considered to have supernatural visual abilities, LYNX notices the hidden  potential within creative communities and connections  between different conditions, creating powerful synergies.

"LYNX" connects virtual and real, modern and traditional lifestyles, regional cultures and international communities, on multiple levels and forms an ecological link inspiring a modern lifestyle that is full of vitality, health, environmental protection, efficiency, diversity and unlocks creativity.


The master planning includes green shopping areas, creative office areas, cultural venues, SOHO areas, collaborative offices,  shared residential areas, safe park paths and squares. Past regional boundaries will become blurred, and now it seems that distant friendly communities will be closely linked to form a people-centered life the way.

This type of planning will bring unlimited productivity, creativity, economic benefits, and ultimately bring happiness to all residents.

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