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Master planning, Landscape Design

Long Bay, Asia Pacific

Thrive @ Long Bay is a 200-hectare resort development. The project contains major entertainment venues and theme parks as well as beach villas, condos, and residences. 


Paradise with purpose

The Thrive theme of the development resolves around generating a populace of individuals who come here to partake in the diverse activities and synergies to create thriving, new and emergent culture for the future. The project will be built in many phases to extend for about 10 years. There will be sea access as well as a newly completed international airport 10 min. from the site. There are also many ecological gems located within the site, inclusive of a precious mangrove forest that will serve as a sea and animal sanctuary. 


Celebrating the natural gems

The design of the campus landscape features elements that promote a relaxed but professional atmosphere with a Khmer twist.

Plant Shading - The shading structures not provide protection from rain and sun while creating the dramatic visual relief that characterizes Khmer architecture.

Plant, wood screens and masonry walls -Just like  In traditional South-east Asian architecture, the masterful and aesthetically pleasing use of shadow and light, and use of natural materials has always had an important place in the Cambodian architecture, the Envision campus highlights the same materials.


Monumental materials - The gravel restores the historical texture of the architecture of Angkor Wat, allowing the inhabitants to have a fantastical feeling of passing through another epoch while different stones give each villa a unique mark and connect the architecture to the landscape.


Reflection pools and fountains - Water is the most important element of Angkor architecture. The clever use of water and reflection pool brought people closer to the ethereal divinity, the pools are offering peaceful moments of relaxation as well as opportunities for celebrating life with your friends. 


Transparent surfaces - The collaborative use of glass and differnet types of shades, the residents will be provided with the feeling of open space, that draws sights into the headquarters and helps to showcase the brand culture to the outer world.

Tropical Leaves
White Sand and Stone
Image by Joel Filipe
Reflection of Palm Trees
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Long Bay master
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