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Leeni Laasfeld

Digital Director

Leeni Laasfeld, Digital Director of CITISPIRE, is a master of blending creativity and technology. With an extensive background in the music industry and specialized skills in UI/UX design, she has been a key orchestrator of CITISPIRE's digital innovations. Her role exemplifies the company's core values of Creativity and Humanism, uniting art and technology to forge new frontiers in design and user experience.


Starting her career in the vibrant world of music, she gained profound insights into how sound and rhythm can touch human emotions and build connections. This experience laid the foundation for her transition into UI/UX design, where she applied her artistic sensibility to craft intuitive and engaging digital interfaces. At CITISPIRE, her unique perspective has proved invaluable in developing digital solutions that are not only visually stunning but also deeply resonate with the users. Her work goes beyond conventional design principles; it embodies CITISPIRE's vision of integrating technology, ecology, education, and entertainment at all scales and modes of experience.


Leeni’s collaborative approach ensures that each digital project is anchored in understanding the client's needs, the end-users' expectations, and the broader social and environmental context. Whether designing a state-of-the-art mobile app or an immersive virtual reality experience, she translates CITISPIRE's commitment to human-centric design and strategic innovation into the digital realm.


Leeni's innovative spirit, dedication to excellence, and ability to translate the essence of music into the digital world make her an invaluable asset to CITISPIRE and a guiding light in the multidisciplinary practice of XR design.  


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