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Master planning, Architectural Design, Interior Design

Guangzhou, China

Hong Xiang Mixed - Use Development consists of  a sales gallery, luxourious apartments and a landscape development that integrate  green technologies into a modern urban experience.


The totem of an an Ancient Dragon

The dragon is a mythical Chinese Creature that combines the virtues of vision, vitality, balance, integrity and wisdom. Originating from the legend of dragon, the woken dragon is about soaring high up in the sky. That signifies the rise of China. With the pearl emerging from the mouth of the dragon, it provides companies with good and sustainable fortune.

This is the environment where consumers are encouraged , in addition to shopping, to take their time to look at the normally appear and be involved in the experience that connects visual, touch, and taste, making them want to come back to embrace the unique atmosphere over and over again.

The masterplan includes a diverse range of programming that sets the idea of fusion into the main focus, connecting martial arts grounds with modern gym, nature with high tech, ancient philosophies with modern design solutions.


A vibrant and entertaining urban rejuvenation mecca

The landscape of the development focuses on the integration of natural elements and plant life into the plan. It features rooftop terraces and lush urban gardens urban connected by green zones. The use of transparent and materials, soft shapes and futuristic elements will tie together the futuristic concepts with traditional human values, creating a feeling of excitement for innovation while being inclusive and non alienating.

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Place to create meaningful connections

The site features 4 high-rise towers serving the purposes of commercial, entertainment, wellness, F&B, educational, and much more.

While the fist levels are served for public, a large area of the towers includes urban residences mainly designed for career-oriented individuals who appreciate nature and the possibility to expand their network.


An environment to relax, create, celebrate and connect

The villa interiors blend together modern and ancient tradition design elements, using reflections, shading, and contrasts between materials and colors. Serving both as homes and potential rental properties, the condos offer smart spacing solutions,

  • living room

  • Dining and kitchen

  • Multiple Bedrooms

  • Guestrooms

  • Balconies

  • Terraces

  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Garden

  • Easy connection to development amenities

fohan master
foshan architcture
foshan int

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