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Master planning, Landscape Design, Integrated Architecture and Interior Design

Long Bay, Cambodia/Online

Thrive Envision Campus is an innovative 21st century concept for a work and live environment focused around 15 online+offline corporate headquarters.


Where the talents meet

The planning and programming of the site is especially designed to offer each company ideal environment for corporate development while providing its residents and visitors an unforgettable wellness, entertainment, and hospitality  experience in a resort environment.

The special feature of the Envision Campus is the integration of international and local artists into the companies´ and campus' culture through artist residencies incorporated within the campus buildings. This encourages the collaboration between tech and art industry which is necessary for the synthesis of new ideas that the 21st century needs.


Place for building lasting relationships

The design of the campus landscape features elements that promote a relaxed but professional atmosphere with a Cambodian twist.

Plant Shading - The shading structures not provide protection from rain and sun while creating the dramatic visual relief that characterizes Khmer architecture.

Plant, wood screens and masonry walls -Just like  In traditional South-east Asian architecture, the masterful and aesthetically pleasing use of shadow and light, and use of natural materials has always had an important place in the Cambodian architecture, the Envision campus highlights the same materials.


Creative playgrounds - The campus encourages a balance work-leisure lifestyle and a town filled with changing innovative and interactive works of art give people a good reason to include evening strolls and meeting friends into their daily rituals.


Reflection pools and fountains - Water is the most important element of Angkor architecture. The clever use of water and reflection pool brought people closer to the ethereal divinity, the pools are offering peaceful moments of relaxation as well as opportunities for celebrating life with your friends. 


Transparent surfaces - The collaborative use of glass and differnet types of shades, the residents will be provided with the feeling of open space, that draws sights into the headquarters and helps to showcase the brand culture to the outer world.

Immersive street art - As creative ideas are often synthesized from what we see, notice and experience around us, it is extremely important for people to be exposed to new inspiring ideas on a daily basis. Thanks to the new technologies, the growing NFT economy, bringing creative works from all around the world to a space is becoming easier and easier thanks to digital display solutions and more. The street art solutions at Envision campus include art pods, digital library parks, art playgrounds, interactive objects, sculptures, and much more.

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Concrete Wall
Image by Andrew Ruiz
Reflection of Palm Trees
Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 2.47.32 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 2.49.53 PM.png

Headquarters that showcase each company's unique values

The Envision Campus architecture features 15 corporate headquarters built to strengthen and showcase the brand identity to its visitors.

The buildings feature private, semi-public and private areas, such as terraces, rooftop clubs, gardens, and much more. 

The builings offer different Function Spaces, each with unique programming, to cater to the corporate brand culture you want to exemplify at your headquarters. Ranging from work, living, wellness, and commercial spaces, Function Spaces work together to boost creativity, employee wellness, innovation, and productivity.

In addition to traditional spaces the headquarters feature Thrive Spaces located in-between the two function spaces, where their programs merge and support each other. They encourage communication and collaboration between people from different departments, as well as create opportunities for sharing thoughts and generating innovative ideas by bringing together artists and employees.

ARTISTS NEST - Plants need solar power to thrive, an office need creative energy to fill people with excitement, and inspiration. Every headquarters at the Envision Campus features an artist residency where visiting local and international artists will work on their personal creative projects as well as help the brand to build its creative identity and consult on a regular basis;

ENVISION SPACES - Areas where the functions of next standing spaces merge into one and form a mixed area between these two rooms: library + coffeeshop, garden + office, atria + art gallery.

SEMI-PRIVATE SPACES - Just as every plant needs to be noticed and appreciated, every brand needs to be exposed to the potential audience and opportunities. As the campus features plenty of public space by the headquarters, the headquarters features stage-like welcome-terraces where brands can lead their promotional events in their property but reach the audience on the street.

Interiors for inspiration, productivity and focus

The Envision Campus interiors encourage creativity, collaboration, focus featuring natural light colors blended with Cambodian - style wood frames, and glass surfaces to create a sense of freedom and openness.

   Wide wall areas leave each brand space to fill these surfaces with the works and exhibitions by artists residing in the campus, helping to enhance the expression of the unique identity of the brand.

     As the brands who allocate to the Envision Campus are at different stages of brand development, the buildings are designed to grow with the brands. 

   As the expressions of each brands' identity will be developed with the help of the visiting artists, the headquarters buildings will have plenty of open space suitable for exhibitions of different kinds.



Collaboration between people and technology

Envision Campus encourages new products, services, and technologies for the built environment to be conceived and developed in a holistic manner.   A building is like an organism that draws and releases energy and resources, has specific purposes, and systems.   It adapts to its environment while it alters the environment it occupies.  Until now the building has been like a shell that protects the life within.  Today smart technologies provide the means to create buildings that actively respond to and engage with the occupants.  In this way, the built environment becomes an active extension of ourselves. 

The Envision Campus headquarters and landscape are integrating AI and IoT to:

  • Regulate operations efficiently to save on energy costs​

  • Gauge and inform retail activity to boost sales​

  • Streamline vehicular and pedestrian circulation to prevent queues and ease parking ​

  • Produce interactive environments to delight visitors and promote attractions​

  • Protect technological assets to ensure uninterrupted savings and optimal performance  ​

  • Monitor premises to keep people and places more safe and secure ​

  • Build brand awareness and engage consumers to foster conversation and motivate action​



Explore the 3 different types of villas and try out different interior design options. Experience the lush neighborhood, its activities and vibe and meet other visitors from around the world in real-time.


Your work-from-home resort

The 21st century office culture is rapidly changing prioritizing more and more the freedom, lifestyle, and identity of the employees. The freedom of choice is becoming a meter that attracts best international talent and opens the talent pool up for global competition.


As one of the main goals of the development is to attract top international talent, Envision Campus Meta is built to make a work-from-home experience as immersive and exciting as possible. The enhanced digital twin of the Envision campus that plugs into the real development in real time and makes connecting with colleagues on-site as immersive as possible, and features a wide selection of workshops and classes, playlists, office designs, and much more.