Our commercial real estate projects involve real, meta, and integrated environments the main purpose of which is to generate sustainable economical and cultural success to the property developers and the surrounding societies.

We bring together the tangible world, the one in which our physical bodies reside, with virtual worlds made possible through technology. Whether it is a small or large - scale, real, hybrid or meta environment we ensure that each project would have a growth - encouraging impact on its users and spark their imagination on a day-to-day basis. 


Our resorts bring out the unique qualities of each brand and region tying the  local nature, culture, traditions together with your brand's aesthetics and values. Our aim is to develop iconic places that host unforgettable experiences, encourage creating new lasting connections and discovering something new about yourself and the planet - places the world talks about, people cannot wait to visit again and again.



We serve exciting global brands and services of all categories by designing and developing iconic engaging offices, headquarters, boutiques, agencies, sales galleries, saloons, and other service environments that help to build a community within and around your brand.


We offer both venues and artists high quality imaginative, multifunctional custom environments that would let the artists express themselves in new ways both offline and in metaverse.



There is no place like your home. We offer complete design and development of real, virtual, and integrated private real estate properties that enhance and inspire your and your guests' daily lives through compelling designs and interactive technologies in touch with your personal style and values.