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Daniel J. Silver


Daniel Silver, cofounder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of CITISPIRE, wears many hats as a visionary leader, licensed architect for 30 years, U.S. patent holder, and avid futurist. He founded CITISPIRE with the core values of Creativity and Humanism, firmly believing that these principles should be at the heart of every endeavor. His multifaceted career includes teaching architectural design studios at Pratt Institute, leading innovation workshops, and lecturing regularly at universities and conferences throughout the United States, Europe, and China.  Daniel’s practical design/build foundations, international design training, and liberal arts education shaped his process, enabling him to integrate the most important ideas and intentions into design solutions that are both visionary and practical.  He leverages technology, ecology, education, entertainment, and design at all scales and modes of experience - from smart urban redevelopment to responsive interiors.


This unique blend of creativity, innovation, and foresight has positioned him as a leading force in shaping the future of the industry and inspiring others to think beyond conventional boundaries. This unique blend transcends conventional corporate roles, reflecting Daniel's commitment to human-centric design, empathetic leadership, and strategic innovation. Under his guidance, CITISPIRE has thrived by fostering a culture where creativity fuels decision-making and where human connections are paramount. His ability to integrate architectural prowess, technological ingenuity, and business acumen has not only defined CITISPIRE's success but also shaped a new way of thinking about the intersection of design, technology, and humanity.

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