Chengdu , China

Urban Design & Architecture 

It is well known that smart living will increasingly rely upon AI managed IOT to provide for urban safety and efficiency.  The growing populations residing in smart cities will require High Tech industries to use AI for effective healthcare. 


As AI more comprehensively manages biological and infrastructural machinery, people will want Art, Design, and Entertainment Industries to integrate these inner and outer worlds more seamlessly.  The TOD solution for Parcel 7 recognizes the economic potential, educational importance, and cultural significance of AI as it relates to these three industries and has designed a smart Transit Hub that provides access for local, regional, and international visitors, guests, and workers to come and go freely.

As the use of AI to manage infrastructure, biology, or perception is called cybernetics we refer to the three principal programatic zones as such - cyber campus, cyber park, and cyber city.  These three zones are integrated through AI managed infrastructure to ensure environmental and social sustainability.  The development is designed to educate, serve, employ, entertain and house.