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Integrated Master Planning, Landscape Design

ChengDu, China

TOD 7 is an AI and IOT - integrated smart city in ChengDu, China the main purpose of which is to provide for urban safety and efficiency.


Elevating connectivity

TOD means: "public transport-oriented development model". Among them, public transportation mainly refers to railway stations, airports, subways, light rails and other rail transportation and bus lines. Then, with the public transportation station as the center, a central square or city center is established with a walking radius of 400-800 meters or 5-10 minutes. It is characterized by a "mixed use" that integrates work, business, culture, education, and residence, so that residents or employees can easily choose public transportation, bicycles, walking and other modes of travel without rejecting cars.
Urban reconstruction plots, infill plots and newly developed land can all be constructed with the concept of TOD. The main method of TOD is to coordinate the contradiction between traffic congestion and insufficient land in the process of urban development through land use and transportation policies. The development design aims to :

1. Support a flawless transit organization
2. Place commercial, residential, office buildings, parks and public buildings within walking distance of bus stops.
3. Create a network of walkable streets that connect buildings in residential areas.
4. Feature a mix of housing types, densities and prices.
5. Protect the ecological environment and riparian zone, and set aside high-quality public space.
6. Make public spaces the focal point of architectural orientation and neighborhood life.
7. Encourage infill development or redevelopment along existing neighborhood corridors.

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 3.55.29 PM.png
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Building an intelligent ecosystem

As we all know, the contemporary smart lifestyle is increasingly dependent on the Internet of Things managed by artificial intelligence, and urban people also obtain a safe and efficient life. Nowadays, more and more residents of smart cities need high-tech industries that provide efficient medical and health services through artificial intelligence. Given that artificial intelligence can more comprehensively manage biological devices and infrastructure-like machines, it is hoped that the art, design, and entertainment industries will achieve a seamless interface between the outside world and artificial intelligence.
        We have recognized the economic potential, impact on education, and cultural significance of artificial intelligence when it is associated with the three industries mentioned above. Therefore, our TOD method for the area has been designed to facilitate local, regional and even international A transportation hub for tourists, merchants and staff to travel freely.
        Since people refer to the use of artificial intelligence to manage infrastructure, biology and cognition as intelligent consciousness cybernetics, we also refer to the above three main programmatically managed blocks as consciousness parks, consciousness exhibitions and consciousness residences . The three blocks are brought together by AI-managed infrastructure to ensure environmental and social sustainability. This design was developed for use in education, services, employment, recreation and housing management.

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