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Tatiana Eletskaya.png

Tatiana Eletskaya

Creative Director

Tatiana Eletskaya, Creative Director at CITISPIRE, is a consummate professional and has a gift for leading collaboration.  She brings together diverse teams to integrate best practices, innovative solutions, and creative strategies. Her leadership fosters a culture of cooperation that motivates continuous ideation and attention to detail.


Ms. Eletskaya’s expertise spans strategic planning, concept development, and meticulous design documentation across various scales and complexities. Her affinity for parametric architecture and her dedication to stewarding projects from inception through completion ensures that every design is realized.


In addition to her real-world architectural accomplishments, Tatiana has pioneered work in digital and metaverse environments, expanding CITISPIRE's reach into new and exciting domains. Her international experience includes developing stunning digital worlds for clients in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and China.


Her professional approach, marked by a fusion of creativity, technological insight, and strategic thinking, aligns perfectly with CITISPIRE's core values. Tatiana's ability to orchestrate iconic and achievable results continues to inspire her colleagues and peers, solidifying her reputation as an influential and respected figure in architecture and design. Her contributions inform CITISPIRE's trajectory and challenge traditional architectural paradigms, making her a thought leader in the industry.

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