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Master planning, Architecture


7 Seas is a unique online entertainment resort that gives back to the world.

By playing games and attending events with purpose and meaning that cover topics from history to culture, from wellness to science, and much more, players will support students in development countries in their learning journeys through "Earn to Learn" program.

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Reflecting your identity

7 Seas is a unique, world class entertainment resort that honors and promotes the legacy of Khmer Culture. IncorporatIng compelling and diverse industries 7 Seas makes a unique destination that encourages people of different backgrounds and abilities to engage and collaborate.

The planning of the site considers 3 principles: Convenience, excitement and profitability.


Headquarters that showcase each company's unique values

Long Bay Villa 1 features 3 different types of residences:

Single villas, Courtyard Villas and Duplex villas that you can explore in-detail while taking our online sales tour.

The Courtyard villas (100-120m2) are located at the center of the site. With a great view to the central landscaped courtyard axis these villas are perfect for those who value socializing.

The Duplex Villas (100-200m2) are located on the Eastern side of the parcel, the Duplex villas are adjacent to the recently completed retail boulevard.

The Single Villas (200-300m2) are located on the Western side of the parcel, the Garden Villas are adjacent to the casino and waterpark, with great views of the field gardens and canals, ideal for enjoying the quiet natural environments and maximum privacy

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