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Kenny Liu,

President | CBDO

Kenny Liu, cofounder, President, and Chief Business Development Officer of CITISPIRE, is a USA Registered Architect with over 20 years of experience.  He is a futurist and committed to creating thriving communities. He has a Master of Science in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology from Hong Kong Poly and has lectured at TEDx, China Green Building Council, Yunnan University, and Tsinghua University.  His keen interest in the intersection of architecture and technology has been instrumental in CITISPIRE's growth within dynamic regions such as Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.


His role transcends mere business development; it embodies a philosophy of sustainable growth, relationship-building, and innovation. His understanding of cultural nuances and market dynamics has enabled CITISPIRE to flourish in diverse landscapes, turning opportunities into tangible success. He ensures that the company's core values of creativity and humanism are seamlessly integrated into every new venture, which aligns with his relentless pursuit of excellence, compassion, and hands-on management style.


Mr. Liu’s role in facilitating comprehensive sustainability through increasingly smart developments contribute to CITISPIRE's success in shaping new ways of thinking about design, technology, and humanity.

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