Kenny Liu,

Co-Founder & President

Kenny Liu is an architect, humanist, and futurist with 17 years of experience in fields covering design, technology, and the built environment. Since graduating from Cornell University in 2000 with an Architecture degree, he has designed and spearheaded numerous international award-winning design projects, large-scale developments, and technology investments across Asia and the USA. 

As an effort to bridge humanistic technology with the built environment, he and Daniel Silver founded Citispire as cross-disciplinary companies in diversified design, real estate, investment, and technology headquartered in the US and China. Citispire is an expanded practice for global ecologic reclamation that relies on the world’s brightest minds and most effective technology.

Citispire facilitates the convergence of devices, data, and AI with the built environment to provide for comprehensive sustainability through increasingly conscious environments.

Kenny’s inherent passion for design, technology, and innovation has led him to pursue additional coursework from MIT and his Masters of Science in Multimedia and Entertainment Technology from Hong Kong Poly. He is proactively building a promising urban smart future that is empathetic, sustainable and community-driven. 

He loves to share his enthusiasm for a bright future with the community through teaching, lectures, and forums. He was honored to have been a guest lecturer at ULI, TED, China Green Building Council, Yunnan University, and Tsinghua University.

He is a USA Registered Architect with LEED Certification and long-time member of the American Institute of Architects.

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