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Transforming visionary leadership into tangible reality


we unite nations  

fostering partnerships that privilege international trade, cultural exchange, and technology transfer


we value the earth  

preserving its resources for the wellbeing of people, plants, animals, and natural environments alike


we build community 

developing vibrant projects with engaging programming in both real and online spaces


we honor diversity 

ensuring accessible solutions for people of all ages, backgrounds, and economic means

Build together, Thrive together

CITISPIRE is an urban planning, development & design consultancy that envisions a future where thoughtful and globally-connected development can transform cities into vibrant, healthy, and sustainable hubs of community life.

Our Approach

Our innovative approach towards creating comprehensive urban, real estate, and infrastructure solutions covers every stage of development – from Project Conception, Feasibility, and Financing, to Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Operations. We achieve this by incorporating future-forward technology and by fostering meaningful collaborations with local governments, businesses, communities, industry experts, investors, and cultural leaders, to create international communities that thrive in business, commerce, and culture.

We are strategically positioned to utilize these connections, furthering the objectives of national development visions (i.e Vision 2030s) and advancing quality of life across MENA and South Asia.


Our Industry Experience

With offices in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, and backed by over 15 years of international experience, we have worked on projects of all sizes and types. This ranges from master planned and mixed-use communities, resorts, residential, commercial, recreational, entertainment, and even digital environments. We have built an extensive global network that includes partner developers, State Owned Enterprises, consultants, and vendors spanning across China and Southeast Asia.


Our Services

Strategic Advisory

& Consulting

Community Engagement through Digital Technology

Financial Planning

& Investment

Collaboration with

Global Standards

The Development Division offers expert guidance in assessing the feasibility of urban projects, integrating sustainable practices into development plans, and structuring PPP agreements. It provides strategic insights to navigate the complexities of urban development, ensuring projects are viable, sustainable, and aligned with the broader goals of creating smart, livable cities.

Embracing the latest technological advancements, the Development Division utilizes Web3 and the metaverse to engage communities in the urban planning process. This innovative approach allows for more interactive and inclusive participation, ensuring that development projects reflect the needs and aspirations of the communities they serve.

Recognizing the critical role of financing in urban development, the Development Division specializes in investment mobilization and financial structuring. It identifies and secures funding sources for projects, ensuring their financial viability and sustainability. Additionally, the division manages financial risks associated with PPP projects, providing a solid foundation for successful urban development initiatives.

CITISPIRE, LLC's Development Division aligns its projects with international Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards, leveraging support from organizations like the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). This alignment underscores the division's commitment to sustainable development practices and its pursuit of excellence in urban development.

Future-forward Leadership

CITISPIRE is led by co-founders, internationally recognized architect-innovators Daniel Silver and Kenny Liu and involves an international team of experts in multiple industries. CITISPIRE prioritizes not only  the empowerment of our clients but also the enrichment of the public through values-based leadership tools. Our commitment extends beyond mere transactions; it encompasses a holistic approach to fostering growth, collaboration, and sustainable development across industries.

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