Born in Macau, then moved to Portugal at the age of 10, Miss Jovita Nascimento has always been passionate about architecture. Persuing her love for vernacular arts, her academic path lead her to England where she completed her BArch Architecture, and then Portugal where she completed her Master’s in Architecture.

Upon completing her bachelor degree, Miss Jovita was recruited by Portugal’s largest multinational Architecture firm. Within 6 years, she had won various design awards and made Partner and Country manager of China region, which, resulted in her move to the booming metropolis of Shanghai in 2014.
Living and working in Shanghai enabled Miss Jovita to achieve her dream to become a successful entrepreneur. Currently as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Cure8 Interiors, she also provides consulting services to other firms within the design industry.

Miss Jovita’s strength combines her love of architecture with her strong marketing and management abilities. Her rich multicultural background makes her a citizen of the word.

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