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You Yun Tao graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University, a registered architect of China with 15 years of experience in architecture projects. He has been a project leader in a number of large-scale projects, specializing in researching new materials and new technologies. He has keen intuition, real-time, and flexible handling of a variety of on-site construction problems. Yu You Tao is familiar with China's relevant technical specifications and policies and regulations and he is Citispire’s cross-border operations and construction bridge. His large body of project work has included the Waterfront Residences in Chengdu, the YiCui mixed-use and residences in Foshan, and the MianYang Elementary School built after the Sichuan Earthquake.

You Yun Tao is talent that has always pursued the optimization of building effectiveness at the lowest construction costs. He is constantly innovating and optimizing the construction program to establish an industry reputation. In addition, You Yun Tao is a technology enthusiast.

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