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Sustainable buildings

Designing the future of spaces where everyone can stay connected


Smart cities

Creating large scale developments that plug into the world in real-time

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Virtual environments

Making meaningful places globally accessible

Internet of Things



Complete services

Data protection

Highest quality design for meta and real

Your custom coin economy

accustomed to your unique vision



by connecting decades of  experience we create real, virtual , and hybrid reality environments, covering developments from private residences to resorts and cities.

Our mission is to elevate and inspire people and societies through projects of all scales. Our clients include governments, real-estate developers, resorts, venues, schools, private property owners, metaverse developers, and many more.

We kindly invite you to                            to learn more about how we can work together.






Founded in 2016 by recognized architects and innovators Daniel Silver and Kenny Liu CITISPIRE came to live to make important changes in the world through connecting  architecture and technology while making sure that the outcome would embrace strong human values and support our natural eco-system.


"Throughout the millennia, all living things were shaped by their environment. In the modern world humans have affected the planet to such a degree, that our own creations have had a threefold effect. First, we see mass extinctions and ecological disaster caused by pollution, deforestation, and urbanization. Second, contemporary metropolitan developments are increasingly uniform, sprawling, and commercially driven. These two conditions precipitate the third effect, a malaise towards interaction in public spaces, and the pursuit of interactions in more engaging and affordable virtual spaces."

CITISPIRE provides a tangible constitution for strong and enduring natural ecologies within an ever increasingly built world. 

CITISPIRE has studios in 5 different locations: New York, Hong Kong, Phnom Penh, Chengdu and Shenzhen , and is, in addition to design professionals, engineers, game designers, and artists collaborating worldwide.

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