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Bejing, China

Experience design, interior design


The Great Wall extends for over 21,000 km (13,000 miles) hurdling over apparently insurmountable obstacles and sprawling continuously to all horizons.  It is impossible to see its full extents from anywhere on Earth, its magnitude attesting to the limitless power of ingenuity, collaboration, and perseverance. Airbnb at the Great wall offers private guests to stay overnight in a carefully restored Pufang, an ancient guardhouse.  This authentic pavilion sits atop a Battlement that commands private 360 degree panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

A Great Wall Welcome

Airbnb selected CITISPIRE to design their “now listing on Airbnb @ the Great Wall” offering. For the first time in history selected guests from around the world could wake up on one of the seven wonders of the world with an overnight stay in one of the many ancient guardhouses punctuating the Great Wall.  From a well preserved Pufang, guests would see 360 degree panoramas and unobstructed views of the Milky Way.  

This project transforms the intimidating boundary into a warm invitation.  What was once a foreboding boundary serves as an Airbnb home welcoming guests to China. 

Sharing the Spirit of China

A dining table provided for a multi course Chinese banquet, with each course illustrating a particular aspect of Chinese culture, and accompanied by traditional musicians.


The sunrise functions as a wake up call for guests to hike through the countryside  surrounding the 13,170 mile long Wall. Official historians  alongside detailed the 2600 years of history, the contributions of the various dynasties, and intricacies of construction. Guests were  also given the opportunity to learn other aspects of Chinese culture such as calligraphy and seal engraving before they depart.

To enter, participants need to do a bit of writing, explaining why it is more important now than ever to break down barriers between cultures and how they want to build new connections.

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