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CITISPIRE is an international smart city developer and design consultancy with offices in New York, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai.

We rely on design, science, and technology to shape adaptable, ecological, and humanistic environments that foster increased empathy, cultural engagement, and personal growth in globally interconnected communities.

We provide and develop scalable solutions as well as conventional master planning, architecture, landscape, and interior design for private investors, property owners, developers, governments, and institutions.


Here at CITISPIRE, we are devoted to place sensitive, sustainable, all- encompassing design approach that produces original solutions that fit in organically in the local contexts.


A key part of our Design Solution is the employment of a design thinking methodology and thorough site understanding during the design process. We devote time to rigorous research of each site in order to understand the underlying cultural, natural and lifestyle patterns and then combine those findings with developer’s visions and goals.


Our focus on user’s experience enables us to not only compose spaces but also create lifestyle concepts, deliver the best creative solutions suitable and innovative for the development.