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Master planning, Landscape Design, Architectural Design

Asia Pacific

7 Seas is a unique, world class entertainment resort that honors and promotes the legacy of Khmer Culture. IncorporatIng compelling and diverse industries 7 Seas makes a unique destination that encourages people of different backgrounds and abilities to engage and collaborate.


A holiday destination for passionate people

The planning of the site considers 3 principles: Convenience, excitement and profitability.

The site is frontlined with 7 iconic entertainment centers that build the excitement in visitors even before arrival. Each entertainment center  captures a special theme inspired by the 7 chakras and expressed through different focus-points of entertainment. One can choose between is wellness, music, sports, science, exploration, cuisine and traditional culture. The wide selection of different activities makes 7 Seas a perfect holiday destination for families and groups with different hobbies and passions and connect everybody by the vibe of celebration.


Encouraging exploration

The landscape of 7 Seas celebrates connection and engagement with ourselves and others,  and is inspired by the atmosphere of Venice, a city of colors and creative expression. The flowing landscape structures, such as bridges, roads and a canal connect the different entertainment centers but make the journey itself much worthwhile. The smooth connection between the different attractions and parcels invites people to explore new places, people and passions.

   The site celebrates the local flora with green plazas and promenades while the long and stunning waterfront builds up a lively beach culture within and around the site.

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Embodying ancient wisdom

According to the legend, Kaundinya,a Hindu warrior-prince, left India with a merchant ship, his bow and arrow, arrived Cambodia and got married with Naga princess named Soma. Khmer are offspring of them.

Nagas are the living force of the channels of energy which run through our bodies, connect chakras, marmas and nodes to keep us alive. The Chakras are responsible for radiating life energy, bearing influence on your ambitions and goals.

The project is designed to encourage balance, harmony and growth in accordance with Khmer practices, making an identifiable Cambodian Iconic Resort.

All visitors to the thrive casinos are playing the role of nagas, distributing energy and resources between various chakras, creating greater balance within themselves as well as greater community.

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A well - organized getaway

As 7 Seas hosts a wide variety of activities every day, and accommodates people with different interests, it is important that the information of events, locations and activities would be easily accessible for each visitor.

 Through the social app people can not only meet like-minded people, make bookings, get useful information, but also share the most memorable moments with the world.