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Architecture, Interior Design

New York, USA

The design of the loft located in the center of Manhattan blends together the historic elements and modern solutions creating an environment that embraces the essence of the city that appreciates its history and keeps creating stories.


Creating Space

This unusual interior renovation is located 2 blocks south of Union Square. The building, originally designed as a warehouse in 1893 by the New York firm of Cleverdon & Putzel, was converted to residential use in 1978. The conversion produced quirky spaces and impractical room arrangements — lofting interior volumes adjacent to small, awkward, isolated spaces. For this reason we sought to transform this odd apartment with a great space into a unified, functional home with great space throughout. This project included a newly relocated kitchen, bedroom, and den, 3 newly expanded bathrooms, and a three storey custom stair.

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Co - play of the opposites

Blending together soft wood elements and strong brick walls that complement each other with their warm colors responds to the romantic image of a newyorker being confident and warm at the same time.

The wooden shapes creates a charismatic play of shadow and light that gives its inhabitants an opportunity to enjoy the play of sun that makes an artistic entertainment source on its own.

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