CITISPIRE is a 21st century architectural tech firm. With more than 25 years of experience in innovative architecture we build real, meta and integrated environments that put the human values first.

“The virtual world will open thousands of new opportunities for this new generation”
― Anuj Jasani

We believe that a carefully built metaverse carries  great potential to create a positive change in the world, involving bettering people´s mental health, our environment, education, economy, arts, and will serve as a tool to build a harmonious global society. A carefully built metaverse is the one that knows its value-based purpose, acknowledging and enhancing the real.


In the 1990s when Internet was born, a few could envision the possibilities that this tool has, and continues to provide us, and it is very likely that 20 years from now it will be hard to imagine world without the metaverse.



Master planning

Landscape Design

Urban Design



Smart Cities

Smart Architecture

Smart Tech




Stores and Retail




So far the world´s leading tech developers are putting the main focus on bringing real environments into the digital world while we believe that as important is to enhance real environments to become meta-integrated. By doing so, we are building a bridge between people who appreciate the physical space, and those who prefer fully digital environments. Through engaging latest IoT technologies we build environments that unite people without discrimination and compromise and specialize on exploring the yet undiscovered potential in places and people.



Just like the environments we develop consider the unique character and needs of the culture inhabiting the spaces, our studio is built to be the creative oasis for our team and guest creatives who give each project a unique artistic value. In addition to being the birth place for innovative ideas and iconic works, CITISPIRE Studio welcomes public to its showcases and events in our NYC and metaverse showroom, to feel inspired and part of a creative culture.

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We are a multidisciplinary team of innovative architects, designers, programmers, artists and marketing professionals connected by shared values and vision to provide 21st century communities unique experiences through placemaking.

Tatiana Eletskaya.png

Daniel Silver

 Co-founder, CEO 

Kenny Liu

 Co-founder, President 

Tatiana Eletskaya

 Lead Architectural


You Yun Tao

 Senior Architect 

Dragana Zoric 

Landscape Design Director


Wang Xiaofei

Environmental Planner

Leeni Laasfeld

Communications Manager

Saga Alayyoubi

Director of Visualization

Bo Wang


Natalie Leung

Visualization Designer


What is a metaverse?

The Metaverse is a 2 or 3 - dimensional collective virtual shared space the purpose of which is to bring enhanced real-life-like experiences into the online world through advanced technologies.

How does "meta" apply to CITISPIRE projects?

Believing that having a strong online identity at all levels is becoming one of the crucial elements of success for brands and enterprises, and carries a huge potential to improve the social and mental well-being for every member of the society, we specialize on providing our clients : metaverse - based and -compatible architecture and exprience design a meta-integrated working process that helps our clients participate in design decisions, sample options and save resources.

How do CITISPIRE smart IoT solutions improve individuals and societies?

Metaspace brings people together,promotes global unity, and sharing ideas AI integration helps to create safer urban environments IoT- solutions prevent people to disappear in the digital world and strengthen the connection with the real. Meta tours save natural and financial resources through idea-sampling functions Metaverse AI and live health services improve people's physical and mental health Customizable environments create unique experiences every day NFT physical and virtual assets and galleries promote and finance digital art Integrating experiences and role - play makes online learning more interesting and effective IoT helps people discover their creativity, express who they are, and inspire others

What services do you provide?

Find the list of our services here

What is IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things.

The Internet of things describes physical objects that are embedded with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks.

How do artists participate in designing the places?

The client will have a chance to choose an artist they like to work with from our multidisciplinary roster or suggest an artist they would like to involve. We will then put together a design team who will start working with the artist in developing the concept, design, and aesthetics of your environment. Upon request, the artists can provide their original works of art, such as NFTs, music, physical works, sculpture, and much more to become part of your meta, hybrid, or physical space.

I am an artist. Can I join your roster?

The artists are invited to join our studio when getting notoced by our art curation team. If you would like to introduce us your art, your are welcome to contact us