CITISPIRE integrates technology and design to create sustainable environments that privilege trust, community, and nature.  We apply smart solutions at all scales - designing and developing products, buildings, cities, and experiences.  With the rise of IoT enabled sensors, devices, and infrastructure, our environments are no longer passive, but actively responsive through cybernetic systems.  This nervous system coupled with AI will enable our cities to learn, teach, and serve.  We harness these tools to shape cities that are extensions of ourselves, uniting people's needs and desires in real time. 


We are all part of this new urban organism and CITISPIRE invites everyone to participate with us in forging this new, extensive community to ensure that empathy as well as efficiency defines the urban experience. 



CITISPIRE offers the following essential and extended solutions. Send us your inquiries.




Architectural Design

Master Planning

Landscape Design

Interior Design

Industrial Design



CITISPIRE is a multidisciplinary team of professional programmers, architects, artists, and educators providing design solutions for the most pressing urban, agricultural, and ecological challenges of our day.


Saad Alayyoubi

 Digital Design Director 

Kenny Liu


Daniel Silver


Yangwei Yee

Beijing Director

Dragana Zoric 

Landscape Design Director

Xiaoqing Guo.png
Ziqing Nie.png
Tatiana Eletskaya.png
Qiliang Tang.png

You Yun Tao

 Architecture Project

Director, China

Qiliang Tang

Architectural Designer

Tatiana Eletskaya

 Architectural Designer

Xiaoqing Guo

 Architectural Designer

Ziqing Nie

 Architectural Designer

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XiaoXian Liao.png

XiaoXian Liao

Marketing Specialist

Leeni Laasfeld

Communications Manager

Shiyin Zeng

Architectural Designer

ZeLong Lin

Head of Visualization

Menghan Zhang

Landscape and Urban


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